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Thrifting Update

Thrifting Update, how’s that for a mundane title? Well, it’s been a while since my post Thrifting for a Day, and it seems like time for an »»

A House, A House, My Kingdom for a House

That’s not exactly how the Bard wrote about King Richard III’s battleground predicament, but I’m feeling a bit of the same dilemma. Trying to find a home »»

Thrifting for a Day

One never knows what the day will bring when setting out in search of treasure. Many people look at fishing as a similar venture. My father was »»

Hidden price increase.

I want to go on record as thanking Little Debbie for their recent price increase.  The cost of goods is going up across the board, and all »»

Mysteriously low prices.

Last week I stopped in to an unfamiliar convenience store to grab a quick snack, and was pleasantly surprised to find a Little Debbie display.  It’s always »»