In Geography we talk about a sense of place.  Places have certain characteristics that make it feel a certain way.  It may be the archetecture that gives a place its feel, it could be history or culture or plants and animals.  Sometimes themed entertainment, especially restaurants will copy archetecture or other decoration from a particular place to set the mood.  Bavarian style for a German restaurant.  Pagodas or Zen gardens for some Asian restaurants, and palm trees for tropical cuisines.  These establishments try to take you there without actually taking you there.

Some places are so unique or so important that no one would try immitation. When Phoenix Air of Cartersville, Georgia first began an ecotourism venture on Midway Island there was a large article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  The founder spoke with reverance and called it hallowed ground that should be accessible to all.  Some places that are still revered go much further into history.  The Western Wall or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is an example of a hallowed place that is like no other.  The Blue Hole in Belize is geologically and ecologically unique and beyond immitation. (The bottom photo on the referred website is not actually taken in the Blue Hole).

This page is labeled “places” because it contains places that do not neatly fit into strict categories.  There is something that makes them different.  Stone Mountain is a park, but it is private and large.  You might go there for the yellow daisy festival, a business conference, the fireworks show, the ski lift, the hike, the geology, the train ride, fishing or to see the indigenous species.  Underground Atlanta may be considered a shopping center, but not the traditional fare. You might go there for entertainment.

Please enjoy these unique Atlanta places and day trips.





Little Five Points

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Memorial Association

Underground Atlanta


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