Pony Tail

My hair was getting shorter and shorter with every cut, then Coronaplague came along and it started getting longer and longer and I didn’t know when I’d want to get it cut either. Then one day I pulled it back to get it out of the way and there it was, enough length for most of it to go in a ponytail holder.

The decision was made. If I committed to growing my hair for the duration of the pandemic, I wouldn’t have to make any decisions about when to go to a salon again, I’d just stick with “let it grow” and make a ponytail donation at the end.

I’m so much better at the commitment than I am at the promotion. But that’s okay, the idea didn’t need promoting. I looked up donation sites and found that everyone else had the same idea as me.

There is more hair available than donation recipients can handle. That lifts my spirits. Give us a pandemic and we’ll make lemonade! Or, you know, wigs. I’ll probably cut it when omicron subsides and hang on to the donation part for a little while, then donate it when it’s needed again. And, here are the photos I did get in reverse order, beginning with the final result.

Last Ponytail Photo
T-shirt bought at America’s National Winston Churchill Museum in Fulton, MO

BTW, it was my son who inspired me on the first one, I figured if he was going to grow and donate a ponytail, I should get around to doing that as well.

I planned to put up a progress photo of my ponytail every week, thinking if anyone saw it they, might do the same. My photos got further and further apart and the pandemic has lasted till my hair got scraggly. I decided to do the ponytail shag that a hairdresser taught me back in highschool. It looked a little better. I’ve now done that 3 times.
A baby pony tail