Tuesday Trippin’ May 17

The Training

Training has been average. The weather has been nice. I did some more reading on blood sugar and cycling (I’ll write a separate post). I Also read an article on cycling and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has a positive effect on blood sugar regulation. I tried it out.

I was previously focused on evening out my riding speed for the purposes of the video. While giving the high intensity part a go today I learned that I can peddle much faster than I am comfortable riding. I got a significant cramp in my right foot toes, but it went away pretty quickly after the ride. I think the technique will be valuable for training and will keep experimenting.


I added a reward based on HIIT and edited the reward post, again. Some of our rewards could be for any project. The last two rewards I added are better tied to the theme of the project. I feel really good about that. I was having difficulty choosing rewards in the beginning. I think these last two bring things together.

The Equipment

The wear parts are getting worn again and I’m really feeling how nice it would be to be doing half my miles in the seat of a recumbent.

The Trail

Privet (Ligustrum spp) is blooming and showy. We have 9 varieties introduced as ornamentals from around the world. It is pretty, very fragrant, awful and bountiful along trail edges where it takes the place of important native species and reduces the number of pollinators where it grows. People who don’t know about the harm it causes or that it is relevant to them are probably loving it right now. Even though I’d eradicate it if I could, I can enjoy its better qualities.

The Video

Today I finally got a useable turtle on the trail shot. When I first wanted one it was winter, and it’s only been warm enough for them to amble across the path recently. We did a sign language turtle shot too and I got a live snake video. We’ll put that on the Youtube Channel, but I think we’ll leave it out of the intro video. Slowly we’re turning, step by step, inch by inch. I think it is really going to happen…sometime this century.

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