Tuesday Trippin’ March 7

The Training

We’ve had some beautiful breezy spring weather and we’ve been out in it a lot. We’ve been better about doing some walking for the recovery and cross training. It’s pretty easy while wanting to build mileage to just ride for the recovery exercise, but we’re getting more disciplined about variety of movement and it makes a difference.

The pollen is coming on strong. Russ has been writing messages on my car with his finger. Soon it will be raining less frequently and car wash season will be in full swing.

One day Russ was dragging and I went on for extra miles alone. I was afraid I’d be drained the next day, but wasn’t. Russ is finding more days when he thinks he’s dragging and it turns out he was riding faster than he thought. As we approach top performance goals I’m going to appreciate that he cares about the metrics more that I do.

The Project

This morning there were beautiful Mallard ducks flying in to the retention pond just as we cycled by and a deer right on the trail. Before I dreamed up this project, those would have simply been nice experiences. Now, they also feel like missed opportunities to catch the beauty on film. It’s but one example of how the project has turned a stress reduction event into a stressor instead. Most people can give an example of how turning “hobbies” into business can take some of the joy away. And it will get “stressier” once we are tasked with deliverables.

When cameras are rolling, there will be significant heartburn when we fail to capture moments that come along, but once we do capture those moments, they will bring the dream of sharing these moments alive. I’m eagerly excited about the project and know that it will be primarily positive experience. I also fully expect to go back to my carefree “just ride” ways as soon as the project finishes.

Until next time, have glorious days and we’ll see you on the trail.

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