No, We’re Not Takin’ Care of That in Post

While seeking advice, I said to a geek that I wanted a mute button for the microphones. I want to put it right under the the handle bars near the headset where I can easily press it with my thumb.

Here’s how that went.

Him: Take care of that in post. (Could you sound more Hollywood please?)

Me: There’s not going to be any post.

Him: It’s too hard to do before.

Me: There won’t be time for post, not for this project. We’re spending more than 20 hours a week on the trail. Then we have to make rewards. We’re riding the equivalent of crossing the country, Portland to Portland, 4 times.

Him: Well, just leave it in then.

Me: I was riding the other day. This middle age guy was riding with an older man, probably his father. The middle age guy was going off on a political tirade. The father type looked like he was being tortured. I want to mute that.

Him: Keep it in. It will go viral.

Me: This is not about schadenfreude. This is about stress reduction, improving health and life.

Him: 😐

Me: Going viral is nice, but I really think that if we’re going to make it as a world, we’re going to have to build unity and stop getting our endorphins from feeling smart because we’re making fun of people for being stupid.

Him: (Looks sideways, not completely disapprovingly)

Me: Googling “best shotgun mics with mute buttons”.

I may have to learn and relearn some things, but if I can get a HAM license to go play with balloons when the windchill is -42º, I can figure this out, right?

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