Tuesday Trippin’ May 9

Sometimes I think about my grandfather when I write these updates. He was a farmer and cattleman, at least part time. He was also a wholesale grocer, a city councilman and a Baptist deacon. Visiting with his friends at City Cafe, talking about the weather was his daily networking mode.

I, on the other hand, wondered how the weather could be part of every single greeting. Just look at the sky and talk about something else I thought, right? For so many years, my attention to the weather came by way of opening the front door, and maybe coming back for a jacket if I needed one. You can get away with that maybe part more easily in South Alabama if you not going to be out in the weather for long.

But then with the ballooning, and now the distance cycling, complete accurate forecasts that are far better than my grandfather ever hoped for are pretty important to me too. I remember to check wind and potential downdrafts better when there’s a potential Lighter than Air flight because that’s so important to staying aloft.

Somedays on my bike it’s pretty windy and after one of those days feeling unsteady in the gusts and watching tall trees sway, I’ll remember to check wind speeds for riding for a while. Sometimes writing these posts and talking about the weather feels like a trip to the City Cafe with PaPa, except for all the ways it’s completely different.

So, What About That Weather?

The pollen hasn’t been so bad this year. I haven’t felt the need for a neck gaiter to pull up over my nose to keep the yellow out. Rain has been well timed for washing it away. The riding is constant, but with weather breaks. We’ve had another week with as much time on the trail as on the project. April enough warm weather that I was afraid the really warm temps would start in May, but we’re good.

See you on the trail, and have a glorious day!

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