Tuesday Trippin’ March 8

I’m not having any trouble thinking of things when I practice gratitude. There’s a baby on the way and so many other things to appreciate. At the same time, there’s a baby on the way, and her parents expected to be in their own home by now. The local housing market is even crazier than the average craziness right now, and speaking of gratitudes, I’m seriously thankful that I never had to try to make a sane purchase decision in a market like the current one. No one is ready, not the parents, not the grandparents. Well, that’s not true. My granddaughter can’t wait, and every expectant mother looks forward to the day when she is no longer pregnant. But, as far as having everything ready and the house organized, we’re just not there yet. That’s just one of the things we’re juggling.

We got good rides in this week. Yesterday I rode in the rain. There was no lightening, at least not at the time I rode, but he rain got heavy enough that I turned back. It cleared near the parking lot, so I went again and got in a regular ride length as two half rides. That was important because thunderstorms are forecast for the rest of the week and we have travel plans over the weekend.

We didn’t push insanely hard over the winter because we’ll be riding on days when it’s not particularly pleasant out next winter, and because no additional training is necessary for the goal and stretch levels of the project. I have, in the last month, put on 10 pounds and it’s a 10 pounds that makes me miserable. It really shows, both in the fit of my clothes and in the way I feel. I was afraid that it would happen when the ophthalmologist told me to take honkin’ big Omega 3 oil tablets twice a day. They are 50 calories each and there’s that suggestion that 100 calories a day makes 10 pounds in a year. Well, it’s only been 6 months, and I’m not sure it’s even half responsible. It just seems that if I eat when I want to I gain weight. If I pay attention and eat a sack of vegetables for supper, things are ok. I have a lot of sacks of vegetables in my future.

We’ve spent a lot of time taking and retaking photos and video for the intro video. We have a good base, but some of the photos just aren’t that good. We’d like better ones. That’s been our week. Doing, redoing, prepping in out personal lives and for the project. Lots to be thankful for, not enough time. Not enough sleep.

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