Tuesday Trippin’ February 16

It’s that time between seasons when winter weather is fading and the days are getting longer. I’m embarrassed to complain about the weather. Last week a friend posted that she had used 50 pounds of salt on her driveway in just a few days. The worst of my weather woes here is that we’re having several days of cold or rainy weather in a row, so it makes the riding patchy.

Last year at this time I was full of optimism that the long days of daylight savings time would make for longer training, but this is when Russ’s work days lengthen too. In truth, there’s no training needed for the first two levels of the video project. We got back to that level of riding pretty quickly, but it is for the full length fully funded stretch project that my heart is set on. I’m itching to get to the longer rides in prep for that, but it isn’t going to happen until we are fully funded because I have no business riding alone in remote areas, and Russ isn’t going to be available on a meaningful level for support until we are funded.

I’d like to say that we are using the spare time working on the website, the planning, budget and the Kickstarter submission, but we really don’t have spare time. We are working hard on it, but not in a leisurely “I have some time I need to fill” kind of a way. It’s more like an “I’m gonna go frikin’ insane if we don’t get this out the door” kind of a way.

I’ve been looking through old posts. I tend to move my sentences around thinking it would be clearer if I said things in a different order, in the jumble I get problems with subject verb disagreement. I’ve been looking for things like that I didn’t catch on the first few go ’rounds, also deleting whole paragraphs to make things more readable and looking for other things too.

I don’t want to edit our process out of my older posts, but I don’t want to confuse anyone either. For example, originally we were going to offer several digital desktop, phone or tablet calendars that function like a wallpaper. I had one at a place I used to work. I really enjoyed it. Every month you updated to a new desktop photo. It was nice to look at and the calendar was there, integrated discretely as rows of numbers in in a corner as a merged layer, not an ugly blocky white square eyesore. But, I wasn’t able to get the people I mentioned it to excited about it. Once the word “Calendar” came out all listening stopped. We switched to simple wallpaper images. People will make enough age based impressions of me, especially having the name I do, and I have enough challenges. I don’t need to fight any “but this one is cool” battles. So, I’m trying to edit or remove everywhere I can find where I said that we’ll do a calendar.

February has been a lot of housekeeping, the end of January really was too, but the temperature outside is about to hit 60, I have eyestrain and tomorrow it will storm, so it’s time to ride.

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