Tuesday Trippin’ December 8

The push to get things done has been real lately, dividing my time between physical training, other elements of the project, family, Etsy and getting ready for Holiday time with the grandkids over school break, I’ve grown to really appreciate that when my rides become limited to 2 days per week, so will my commute to the trail, or at least it will after we move away from car based Support and Gear (SAG).

When we bought our house, we bought space for 4 people with room for the occasional guest. We now have 7, and another on the way. I’m loving that I get to see my children and theirs daily, but there’s never a dull moment… It’s temporary. It will be over in a blink and I won’t know what to do with myself when there’s no one invading my space, leaving a mess for me to clean and sneaking up on me for hugs and kisses at bedtime. Getting ready for #8 we moved furniture the other day and the missing GoPro Hero 4 showed up. It can stream, and we’ll be checking to see if it streams well enough to replace the phone camera. I expect to find that we’ll want to replace the phone camera with a GoPro for streaming, but one with the motion control of the Hero 10.

We had a bit of warm weather last week. I’m kicking myself for not using it more for training, but the other things I did were equally important. I recently found out there were a couple of extra miles completed on the Greenway. I feel a little behind the curve for not realizing that happened sooner, but the extra miles are not showing as complete in Google maps or their satellite images. North of the Marconi Trailhead, the sidewalk along Marconi Dr and Windward Parkway was widened to trail width and it meets the dotted line in the image below. The dotted green line represents what is now finished trail.

That little bit of extra trail makes the Greenway more desirable for a training ride. Especially since the summer burn bans have lifted and people near the Silver Comet are burning leaves. That gives an advantage to the Greenway. It’s not that the suburbanites in the denser populated areas have gone green and decided to return the nutrients from whence they came. They just tend to sack them for pick up instead. This week choosing between the Greenway and the Silver Comet a matter of which negative you want though. The gnats and other bugs are out at the Greenway because of the warm spell and the low lying wet areas. My new helmet with the goggles is the best protection I’ve ever had from insects in the eyes. The goggles fogged for the first time on yesterday’s ride so it wasn’t complete perfection. I rode just before rain that was expected. The temperature was near the dew point and the lenses fogged a few times.

As usual, we’re making progress, and wishing we had made more. Hope all is well in your world, and until next time, have a glorious day!

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