Tuesday Trippin’ April 11

This past week was Spring Break for Fulton County and it’s listed as a week that we will take off. We took off a few days. Before those few days we had a problem with a flat and a rainy few days, so it was like taking a week off, from riding that is. We still worked a little on other things. We had an awesome weekend at the beach, stayed at a nice rental and kept trying to get our own heron photo. We walked down a fishing pier and did get some decent short of a heron on a rail, but it was the Gulf behind us, not Georgia trails.

I’ve been riding Big Creek a lot lately. It is in the same direction as my granddaughter’s preschool, and I plan to be riding the Comet intensely in the future. On my first ride after coming back from our mini-vacay the animals came out to play and that elusive heron I’d been wanting to photograph was right there in the water looking for food. I stopped and walked as far into the muck as I was comfortable in my bike shoes while dividing my attention between seeing how close the bird would let me get and checking the ground for animal and vegetable hazards.

Heavily cropped photo of Heron at Big Creek Greenway

This photo clearly shows the limitations of my phone camera and the reason that some of the still shots I want will require being in the woods with the better camera at a different time. It’s not just that I won’t be stopping the video to snap a still. It’s also that I need the Nikon for some shots.

While I was standing there trying to pay attention to everything, I sensed movement and felt like I was being watched. I was. There were at least 3 deer in the woods behind the bird. This is the only one I located in the photo.

That’s about all the trail project news I have for this week. Have a Glorious Day, and we’ll see you on the trail!

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