Rewarding Rides

We plan for the rewards for this ride project to be many, both tangible and intangible, personal and shared, from Biophilia to entertainment, we hope to create rewards that just keep on giving, and you don’t even have to support us to get some of them. We also want to go low impact on as many different levels as we can, from all of the choices we make while doing the project, to helping people get some of the benefits of traveling for their ride without having to go anywhere.

We are doing this a bit atypical in that we want to give away what we produce at the goal level. But that’s really the point, to give people something to make their lives better regardless of the level of technology they have. We plan to make that easy by uploading goal level video to Youtube. There is some video already available to people on Youtube, but much of it has music audio instead of natural sounds, so it loses much of the effect and I haven’t found anything that is long like what we want to do, not in duration of the ride nor in the changing of seasons.

We will give three choices in rewards for supporters with an fourth that will become available as stretch goals are made. The rewards are: A digital photo calendar, an iNaturalist listing, or a small personalized bit of our writing talent.

The 2022 Calendar

We will use photographs taken before, after, and possibly during the rides to make several digital calendars to be used as a desktop wallpaper or phone screensavers. Using these calendars will, I hope extend the enjoyment of the trail and the project a bit beyond its primary goal. Every calendar will have 2 choices per month so that you can choose the one you prefer. They will be available for download in December of 2021. Most of the photography in this website was taken with one of our phone cameras. Photography for the calendars will be primarily taken by me with my Nikon D810. I think I could get lost enough in this reward to make it a project on its own. Well, it is, kind of.

The Calendar options will be:

Landscapes: Mostly viewed from the trail, but there are some pretty nice landscapes in the surrounding areas

Wildlife: The best of what we get

Signs: Odd street signs, graffiti, local culture

Sets and Scenery: Places that you may recognize from recent movies and other productions.

The Trail: Landmarks and special spots on the trail, like Brushy Mountain Tunnel and Pumpkinvine Creek Trestle.

Architectural Interest: Buildings or features on buildings that are particularly interesting, unique or beautiful.

iNaturalist Listings

The second choice for rewards is iNaturalist listings. Really, all of my rewards are additional side projects to some degree. I’m offering this one because I think the kind of person my project would appeal to would like this. Also because I know that once I promise it to someone other than myself, I will make the time and do it. It is worth doing. Last year I signed up when it was promoted in relationship to E. O Wilson and his Half Earth Project. Making it an offering in my project is a way of showing appreciation to supporters while committing myself to do the work. This will be limited to 365 listings. I’m calling that a limit of “one per day”. While the project itself will last well longer than that, I think trying to do more would be a mistake. I will do those as I can. I tried to think of a way to let people choose a species, but it seemed too complicated. I’ll be trying to limit the time I spend on any single species to 2 hours and, I don’t know how things will work on my side of this, but there should be a way for me to let you know which species was uploaded for you.

A Poem by Karen or Russ

Did you ever want to have a poetry written just for you? I’m not claiming to be any great talent, but maybe it will be fun. Give us a subject and we’ll try for at least a smile. The first poem I remember writing was:

I am so tired

I would have admired it

If I could have hired

Someone to be tired

For me

I think I was around 2nd grade. My parents were really tired. This popped into my head and out of my mouth. It made them laugh, agree, and tell me I was creative, so I was really proud of myself. I believe is is probably my most appreciated literary work (though I have actually had small works published here and there). Hopefully this will be some silly or sweet fun.

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