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The rewards for this ride project will be many, both tangible and intangible, personal and shared, from Biophilia to entertainment and meditation, we hope to create rewards that just keep on giving, and you don’t even have to support us to get some of them.

We are doing this a bit atypical in that we want to give away what we produce at the goal level. But that’s really the point, to give people something to make their lives better regardless of the level of technology they have. We plan to make that easy by uploading goal level video to Youtube. There is some video already available to people on Youtube, but much of it has music audio instead of natural sounds, so it loses much of the effect and I haven’t found anything that is long like what we want to do, not in duration of the ride nor in the changing of seasons.

We also want to go low impact on as many different levels as we can, from all of the choices we make while doing the project, to helping people get some of the benefits of traveling for their ride without having to go anywhere and, of course, low impact rewards.

We will give three choices in rewards for supporters with an fourth that will become available as stretch goals are made. The rewards are: A digital photo calendar, an iNaturalist listing, or a small personalized bit of our writing talent.

Rewards Category 1, Digital 2022 Screen Saver Calendars

We’re offering Digital 2022 Screensaver Calendars for Tablet, Phone

We will use photographs taken before, after, during the rides to make several digital calendars to be used as a desktop wallpaper or phone screensavers. I chose digital 2022 screensaver calendars because of how much I enjoyed those at a former place of work. It was a file of photographs to be used as desktop wallpaper, a new photo that changed each month. I liked to reason to update screens as well as the ability to check a date without opening an app. Feel good is the goal and the digital calendars can remind you, for a year or more, that you helped fund a Kickstarter project.

The background will be photographs I’ve taken over the course of the project and can remind backers that they helped someone complete a project, or just give them something pleasant to look at for a year or more. The calendar will be merged into the photo in a contrasting font. No big white calendar squares, like some of these have. We’ll start with 12 month Calendars for 2022 showing photos from Georgia and Alabama, primarily in, on the way to, or nearby the project area. Each month will have 2 image options to choose from. There’s no upper limit on the number of calendar rewards a supporter can buy. Tell us which format you would like when you order.

Using these calendars will, I hope extend the enjoyment of the trail and the project a bit beyond its primary goal. Every calendar will have 2 or more photo choices per month so that you can have options They will be available for download before January of 2022. Most of the photography to date in this website was taken with one of our phone cameras. Photography for the calendars will be primarily taken by me with my Nikon D810. I think I could get lost enough in this reward to make it a project on its own. Well, it is, kind of.

The Calendar options will be:

The first calendarSky Shots, Birds, Trees, Plants and Wildlife” will be available at the beginning as we approach goal level. For “Sky Shots, Birds, Trees, Plants”, many sky shots will include birds, trees and other plants, so I have combined these things for this grouping. If we get 1500 backers for this reward, we’ll do 18 month Calendar instead of a 12 month calendar

Landscapes: Landscapes and Covered Bridges:  will be available as we are moving to te stretch goal. There are two covered bridges near the trail and countless beautiful landscapes seen from the trail and on the way to the trail.  If we get 2000 backers for this reward, I’ll increase the number of months to an 18 month calendar and the number of bridges to include all accessible covered bridges on the National Historic Register in Georgia. Some of them are a little non-traditional, and I think one is a site where the bridge once was, last I checked there were 16.Mostly viewed from the trail, but there are some pretty nice landscapes in the surrounding areas

The Third Calendar, “Local Sights and Culture, Movies and Architecture” will be available as we move into the Super Stretch Goal.“Local Sights and Culture, Movies and Architecture”: Local sites all along the trail are fun to explore. There is unique architecture. With the only Georgia slate mine still in operation, Rockmart has slate roof construction from way back. The unique character makes great favorite spots and sometimes movie sets. This calendar will cover the best shots I take of these sites. Some will be close ups, some will be almost landscapes. If we get 1500 backers for this reward, we’ll do 18 month

“Signs” will become available when we move into Super-stretch Goal.We see all kinds of signs. Funny signs, serious signs, signs that would make Bill Engvall laugh, from incredulous to  beautiful, from street names to hand made, signs everywhere. We may do some artistic  alteration on some of these  If we get 1500 backers for this reward, we’ll do an 18 month

“Animals and Best Video Stills” These two subjects are combined because I expect that most of my best animal shots will be caught on video. This calendar will become available as we move into the last level, multi-pass. That’s because it’s trail time dependent, and the more time we spend out there, the more likely we are to capture the spectacular. If we get 1500 backers for this reward, we’ll do 18 month Calendar

A Poem by Karen or Russ

Did you ever want to have a poetry written just for you? We’ll write you a short bit of verse on the not too shady subject of your choice. Haiku $30, limit 400,  20 lines of free verse $75 Limit 100

This will be an adventure. Dad was a writer. He used to surprise Mom with sweet or funny poetry from time to time, so poetry and prose are in my world, but I personally haven’t really written verse as an adult. Not any that I recall anyway. I do remember what was probably my first attempt at poetry, I think I was around second grade.My parents were really tired. This popped into my head and out of my mouth. It made them laugh, agree, and tell me I was creative, so I was really proud of myself. I think this particular poem could become pretty relevant to the project. So, here it is, a rare sample of my early attempts, the first poem I remember writing:

I am so tired

I would have admired


If I could have hired

Someone to be tired

For me

I think I was around 2nd grade.

Tell us in 50 words or less what you’d like us to write about, and whether it’s alright if we share it on the website. We’ll take these in the order we receive them. Delivery on these will be spread across the project and all should be delivered before the project is complete.

Rewards Category 3

We will upload a species from the trails and nearby areas to iNaturalist $30. If you are the first person to buy this, the first upload is yours, second upload is for the second supporter, and so on. We’ll send an email when yours is posted and let you know what number and species it is. My guess, between choosing, photographing, counting, communication and other miscellaneous parts of the task, it will take an average of 2 hours per listing. Some species will be well known local natives. We will also leave some spots open and wait, hoping to see more unique species to upload.

iNaturalist Listings

The second choice for rewards is iNaturalist listings. Really, all of my rewards are additional side projects to some degree. I’m offering this one because I think the kind of person my project would appeal to would like this. Also because I know that once I promise it to someone other than myself, I will make the time and do it. It is worth doing. Last year I signed up when it was promoted in relationship to E. O Wilson and his Half Earth Project. Making it an offering in my project is a way of showing appreciation to supporters while committing myself to do the work. This will be limited to 365 listings. I’m calling that a limit of “one per day”. While the project itself will last well longer than that, I think trying to do more would be a mistake. I will do those as I can. I tried to think of a way to let people choose a species, but it seemed too complicated. I’ll be trying to limit the time I spend on any single species to 2 hours and, I don’t know how things will work on my side of this, but there should be a way for me to let you know which species was uploaded for you.

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