Tuesday Trippin’ July 6

I’m adjusting to the reduced caloric intake and bringing the miles back up slowly. There isn’t as much variation in day to day stamina as there was when the diet started. I’ll be a lot happier when my goal is a balance of calories rather than a deficit though.

Next week I’ll be in a good spot miles wise. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I’ll do a full week of daily 21 mile rides. 21 miles a day is 147 miles a week. That’s almost 150% of the required weekly project miles, but only 75% of the miles for my personal goal of cycling in both directions (making this a greener low impact project, and at the same time doubling the amount of video shot). I’m well positioned to make the project work, but I’d rather be doing the longer rides I was making before the diet.

I’ve lost about as much weight as our recording and other equipment will weigh. If the weight loss over the next four weeks matches the last four weeks, I’ll be halfway to goal. That’s a big “if”. Weight loss is usually faster at the beginning and I wasn’t getting enough calories the first 7-10 days of the diet, so that should have made it even faster.

It’s been a while since I’ve been really specific about individual rides, so maybe it’s time.

Wednesday June 29

I felt rotten. Other responsibilities and weather kept me from 2 recent daily rides. Exercise stimulates ketone production, so it’s even more energizing while dieting. Missing that twice in short order made me low energy and stiff. I was also pretty ticked. That was related to my personal life.

I rode anyway because that’s how you turn things around. I’m better about taking a break before I return now that I’m paying attention to glucose/ketones and working on weight loss. 8 miles out was the limit for my “rotten day” riding. I had a Pro One protein Bar and turned. About 10 minutes later I felt the bar kick in. It was the first time I’d ever noticed something like that. Riding got easier. I really picked up my pace and pushed it harder than I had any idea I would when I started. I’m guessing that lasted 4 miles. It went away a little more slowly than it came on. I still kept up the pace fairly well after it was gone. I’ve been testing different bars. It is hard to find one with fewer carbs and more protein. I liked the taste of this one, but the carbs wipe out a full day’s carb allowance, and I noticed later that the carbs in this bar are sugar, disappointing since I’m doing the keto thing at the moment. I can’t foresee myself ever going to the glucose pouch, but one I’m at a healthy weight and doing full centuries, I could see myself using this bar during the ride. 16 miles

Thursday June 30

I felt a lot better in most ways, but as I did my morning stretches, I noted how I’m stiff more often lately. It’s not the amount of riding. Before the diet I was doing longer rides.

I forgot that it stormed the night before and wen to the lot at Big Creek Park, the southern terminus of the Greenway. I love the scenery around the retention ponds, but when the boardwalks are wet, I park further north and skip that section.

Half of my lifetime falls were on the “Slippery When Wet” boardwalks in Roswell, mostly while avoiding people who slipped in front of me and I’ve only been riding there for 7 years. I still have the tiny remains of a fibrosed bruise that shrinks a little more every year from the first one. The boardwalks are not just slippery. There are some weird unnecessary turns. If I’m not doing a fullI ride, it is Roswell I skip, even when it’s dry.

I tried a different protein bar with a third of the calories and no noticeable effect. I’m not so sure I need one during these rides, If I’m understanding things correctly, riding 20 miles burns around 1000 calories and I should have 1500 calories available at any given time…unless I haven’t allowed recovery time since depletion.

I have been riding fasted and time the bar/turn-around for the end of my fast if the weather is cool enough to ride that late. The risk I was warned about with keto is muscle loss if you can’t produce enough energy.


We accepted that Russ can’t ride at the same level as me until the project makes, but he still hasn’t been riding as much as either of us would like. He has a busy season at work that keeps him working the longest hours on the longest days. But, he got off early for the holiday weekend and we rode together. He remembered I was doing the 45 minute rides recommended to me for the weight loss plan and paced himself accordingly, but now I’m pushing the distance back up, so I rode a little further than he did.

I know it will be okay. Russ will build his miles quickly. He’s stronger, younger and builds stamina faster. I really want to minimize how much back up he has to do in the car though. Car back up is doable. It even has some advantages, but not the best efficiency of resources. 16 miles


More frustrations of all kinds for Russ and he hasn’t been doing daily rides lately. He had some equipment problems and turned back early. I finished while he did some errands. We’re really feeling the rub and hope we’ll have the video and the submission completed in the coming week. 17 miles


We loaded and unloaded furniture before our ride. Then when we got to the trail I started while he was still getting ready. We were past my break fast before I was rolling. I had a 90 calorie protein bar at my turn around and met him at a lunch place before we rode back to the car together. 19 miles


I rode alone. I’ve been trying to figure out if I really need a snack, forgetting to reload made that decision for me and I was fine. Good ride. 21 Miles


Another day, another bar. I got a little excited about this bar because it had a lot of fiber and protein without many carbs, but it did have palm oil, so I was bummed about that. The trail was quiet (the first weekday after a holiday weekend) and the wildlife was out. It made me remember how nice this trail is at it’s best. There was also some flooding, but not enough to be impassible. 21 miles

Diet Status

I’ve been doing the keto thing for 5 weeks now. In the first four weeks I lost 12 of the 12-15 pounds I was told I would, or 24% of the 50 pounds that is my initial goal. I say initial goal, because that’s what I’m guessing now, but I realize it could change. I’m 5′ 8′. My lowest adult weight was 115. My high school weight was 125. During those years I didn’t have the kind of muscle mass I expect to have when I meet 150 lbs this time, but we’ll see. I may choose to keep going. Cyclists don’t bulk up naturally and I don’t like bulk for the sake of bulk, not on women or men. I should feel successful in my progress. Nearly a quarter of my goal met in 4 weeks. It’s promising.

I’m frustrated with the amount of meat and dairy this diet requires though (unless you going to choose highly processed food substitutes). The research on this stuff is consuming, a real time sink, but I’m not going to just change drastically on the word of someone from the internet without doing any. And, while this diet has thus far performed as claimed, recent weight loss has been ultra slower than the stuff that comes off fast in the beginning of the process. I’ve started recording a daily weight so I don’t loose track and miss signals.

When I asked my FB group for weight loss suggestions, I went through and joined every group that was recommended, including one for people doing the polar opposite of keto. I joined one for vegetarian endurance athletes. I still shy hard from calling myself an athlete, but there’s no denying that what I want to accomplish will require the skills of an endurance athlete.

Tuesday after noting my stiffness, I saw a thread asking people what changes they noticed after going Veg. The resounding answer was lack of stiffness and quicker recoveries. I wasn’t vegetarian before I jumped on the keto bandwagon, but I remain open to it. Sometime in the last week I read an article that vegetarians in the octogenarian and older group were less frail than omnivores. Frailty is a big risk in aging, and waiting until I reach 80 is too late to start that trip.

All these things combined with being tired of eating so much meat and dairy made me really consider jumping ship. I found a resource and ordered books and cookbooks. We’ll see how creative I can get with keeping the carbs down and the protein up, because this diet is working.

I plan to hang with the 8/16 intermittent fasting regardless of the keto/vegetarian choice I’ll be making. It’s not at all hard for me to compress the eating window to 8 hours so that I can experience some of the keto benefits.

Until next time, have a glorious day, and we’ll see you on the trail.

Tuesday Trippin’ June 21 & 28

Last week was a strange and unusual cycling week, soooo hot. Early June isn’t usually the time for this heat. My rides have been as soon as I can get out the door in the morning, except Monday. Monday I was finishing up at noon. I overheated a little and while I was cooling down I brought up the weather to check for how long I was going to need to do less of my morning routine before heading out. I really hope his isn’t going to be how it going to be for the whole summer, and I hope even more that next summer when I’m filming the trails full length is going to be nothing like this at all.

Even more unusual, Wednesday after my ride I went to REI. As I left I found myself in the middle of Home Goods employees and shoppers who were evacuating due to a disgruntled employee with a gun. Of course, I had no idea why these people were walking toward and past me. “One said “There’s been an incident. You might want to get in your car”.

Guys, if you don’t know this already, that’s not when you ask questions. That’s when you get in your car and leave in the same direction that the people who know what’s going on are moving. Later I did search to see what was happening while I was there. Thankfully it was resolved as well as possible and with no loss of life.

Thursday I arrived in my recently regular parking lot to a tow truck. I talked to the driver to see if the car he had was being taken for a parking issue because I use the lot often and so do a lot of other cyclists and walkers. He was nice, but they aren’t supposed to tell you, and he didn’t.

THEN, At the end of that ride two different excited people told be to be careful because there was a car out driving on the trail. Usually warnings on the trail are calm and informational. People may be disappointed when a big tree removal truck blocks the trail, or sad if it’s an ambulance, but no one really get’s excited. I’ve seen some disallowed traffic on the more remote trails, but not here. Again, this is not when I ask a lot of questions. I get off the trail ASAP. If I wanted to dodge automobiles, there’s always road biking.

This more recent week was about refining the weight loss plan and doing the miles. This morning that meant being on the trail when it opened at sunrise. I don’t enjoy getting up for sunrise, but I enjoy being up for sunrise. It was a nice ride. I’ve been sticking to Big Creek/ Alpharetta Greenway because it’s a bit closer, it has no remote areas and it’s been a pretty dry summer, so flooding has been at a minimum. The segment I do is 10.5 miles, so there and back is 21. The mileage really dropped when I was supposed to do no ore than 45 minutes of exercise a day. I’m shifting out of that and did the full 21 this week. I’m heavily committed to the weight loss, but having done some reading, I’m not following the exact plan that was suggested. The trail has a 15 mph speed limit and some trail user traffic jams that slow down over all speed. 15 miles a day is 105 per week, but it is more than an hour a day when there’s a speed limit and congestion. I started opting for the compromise of a rest and a high protein snack bar in the middle. I’m experimenting to see which snack bar is truly high protein and low carb and tolerable, and this week I made it back up to the full trail, but not back up to my pre weight loss plan highs. I’m concerned, but not worried. It is doable, and I will do it, and I’ll find which parts of the eating plan I can live with for the rest of my life and make that work too.

Until next time, see you on the trail, and have a glorious day!

Tuesday Trippin’ June 14

The Move

We needed to get some Etsy overflow and other things out of my son’s storage unit so he could cancel it. What that means is that the “Great Move” has lasted longer for us than it has for him. It feels like I’ve been talking about the move in this segment forever. That’s because of the pressure I feel to get to the point where this project is published and getting that trial by fire that I both welcome and fear. I’m trying to give myself something of a break. While I feel pressure to be as full time and performing now as I will be when the project funds, the fact is, I couldn’t, even if life didn’t sometimes gets in the way.

When my son moved in with his work from home office (that took up more space than his personal stuff did) he was single and when he moved out he had a family. It’s not just moving him either, but also restoring the house back to previous status. But, hey, I’ll have a guest room again!

Training and the “Eating Plan”

I didn’t wait till the move was over to start the weight loss eating plan. It had been a couple of months since I had denounced added sugar and I thought that would result in at least some weight loss. When it didn’t I joined a group and was anxious to get started. Different people said it in different ways, but the recommendations from the cycling group added up to increasing my protein intake by quite a lot, decreasing carbs by quite a lot and to restrict the hours of intake. I plunged in, but was doing research from reliable sources too, not just taking the word of FB strangers, ’cause we all know that FB is a bastion of “misinformation” for people who don’t.

Starting something new with a lot of restrictions at a time when I was ultra busy and away from the house a lot resulted in me having some days where my caloric intake was half of target. I wasn’t hungry and wasn’t recording things at first, so I didn’t notice right away. With all the protein, I can be pretty satisfied on 600 calories a day, but I’m pushing myself to double that so I actually get the recommended level of protein, among other things.

I made sure I rode nearly every day too. It was a pretty big adjustment and I was using some new information. I was unaware of newer protein recommendations, especially for people in my age bracket. It left me weak and worn at times, but I didn’t want to put things off. I want to be prepared to ramp up fast when funding happens, and even though it’s a stressful delay right now, I’ll be glad I did it later. More about that in a separate post, one that I lost my most recent edits to :(.

The Etsy Store

I don’t remember if I’ve explicitly said the store was potentially on the chopping block, but it’s probably evident that I morn the dream I once had. I was trying to figure out what I could do about the shipping and other dilemmas. I went in and began to edit. I haven’t been using calculated shipping because I don’t have space to pre box and don’t know what dimensions will be. On top of that, USPS has reduced the size of their priority boxes and many things I ship don’t fit at the old price points anymore. In other words, not only did the price increase for any given box size, the box sizes also decreased. What used to be a “small” is now a little bit smaller. That makes it more likely to break if I try to use it. For the post office, that should add up to more insurance claims. For me, that adds greater size/price uncertainty to existing location uncertainty for my shipping parameters.

Still, I decided to choose a size that I thought most mugs would fit in and convert to calculated shipping for those items. The shipping price jumped $3 over what I had allowed. It took too long to figure out technically how to make those edits and I stopped after the first one. I had my first order in 2 months within 48 hours. I wondered if it was an algorithm reward for switching to their preferred method or if it was that bump I get when I’m about to let all my listings expire, or I suppose it and the other order that came right after could just be random events. Whatever, I was ecstatic. They were even Georgia orders, so the heavy one isn’t going far. The question is, do those two orders give me the inspiration to commit to making the investment in Etsy fees and organization?

Until next time, Have a glorious week, and we’ll see you on the trail.

Tuesday Trippin’ June 7

This week feels like it has been consumed adjusting to the new eating plan and helping the kid and his wife and baby move. I am supposed to ride every day with the plan I’m following, but not supposed to ride more than 45 minutes. I’ve done that most days, but the miles are way down due to the time limit. I’ve had second thoughts, but I believe the best way to assure that I can finish the project is to get the weight under control. There has been some weight loss, but it’s a little early to be saying how things are going. I’m optimistic and think that this is the most important priority moving forward.

Until next time, have a glorious day, and see you on the trail.

Tuesday Trippin’ May 28 (sort of)

Say what you like about Facebook, but if it weren’t for the Memories section, there’s a whole lot of stuff that I’d forget. Like for instance, 8 years ago we were supposed to close on the house we currently live in on the Friday before Memorial Day (which was May 26 in 2014) and the seller didn’t move out. It was pretty memorable, but exactly when it happened slipped my mind.

We went to the appointment for the walk through and the movers that the agent hired (because the seller hadn’t done anything) drove up just before us. We planned to work hard for the whole three day weekend to start making the house livable and loosing that time really hurt. We needed to be able to move in before school started in early August and we had a lot of work ahead. We did close after the seller moved out and Russ ripped the carpet out immediately. You can recycle that BTW, even if it’s in terrible condition. Ripping the carpet out told us how really bad the pet damage was. The seller’s perfumes were gone and large quantities of pet store products were not taking care of the issues. We did the only other thing you can. We Zinssered the whole house. I tell you, that’s some nasty stuff to work with. Nasty! After that there was still so much more to do. Life didn’t slow down for us to finish. hope some day we get caught up, but that day hasn’t come yet.

The odd part? This week has been White Rabbit deja vous. My son was supposed to close on his new house the Friday before this past Memorial day…

While he was away for his closing, I saw this FB memory and realized our late closings happened on the same day. Having a similar situation, even having it at the same time, I was really feeling the pain on his behalf. His story isn’t the same or as bad as ours, and it’s not mine to tell, but all those feelings flooding in from our situation, whether I remembered our same day closings or not, have me wondering if there’s something in the Georgia water.

Vent alert- I don’t get it. If you sell your house, it’s not yours any more. You take the money and go. You move out by the terms of the contract leaving it in the condition agreed upon. Right? You start packing soon enough to be ready on moving day and moving day is before the agreed upon transfer. No really, that the way it’s supposed to work. I mean, inconsiderate people leave them dirty way too often. That’s always been a problem, but not moving out on time? And you know, if they didn’t pack…or…then… they certainly never got around to… I hope it’s a rare coincidence with lottery like odds, I certainly hope it’s not a new trend in home sales.

Professional movers are expensive. I get it. But, If you’re not going to use one, there is significant planning and prep to be done first. And speaking of packing BEFORE you bring the U-Haul home. I’ve helped enough people move, that now I ask before committing. Did you pack it up (well with plenty of padding so things don’t break) and stack boxes around the house already? Great! that’s a job for renting a U-Haul. If you didn’t pack it all up yet, you need to order the Pods container, fill it a bit at the time and move another day. You have to decide which one you will do before moving day, well before.

And the Video Project

This week there was project training too. I joined some cycling groups and crowdsourced solutions to my weight loss woes. I got some good feed back, I’m optimistic, I’ve started the plan, and I’ll say more on that next time. See you on the trail.

What’s the Plant Connection?

I talk about whatever occurs to me here (well, not everything that occurs to me). For going on two years now, I’ve been talking about this video project I want to complete, and sometimes I talk about plants when I’m talking about the project. It’s not just that I personally enjoy plants, or that I enjoy everything more when I learn more about it. Plants are an integral part of the project, even for people who don’t know they have a reason to care.

Sharing nature’s gifts along the trail as much as possible, that’s a major piece of what the project is about. And the way nature supports life on the planet, that matters to everyone. But there is more, from the most obvious things like the tree lined parts of the trail being cooler in summer, but sunnier and warmer in winter, to the most basic. Photosynthesis supports life on earth. It makes you and me possible. Understanding more of the bits that make our planet habitable is self preservation. It’s all connected.

Passion flower, or Passiflora incarnata, native from Oklahoma and Texas up to the Great Lakes and across to the Atlantic regions, down through Florida, it covers, the area where Long Leaf Pine was once prevalent and more.

Plants are at the bottom of the food chain. They support all of the nature and humans on the trail. When we take care to let them do their thing, they return the favor. When they suffer and die, we can ignore it or compensate in some ways for a certain amount of time, but eventually it will catch up. If the ecosystem gets out of balance we get things like “sunny day flooding” in more places.

Some trail users wonder what it is that is blooming and where they can get one for their yard. Fewer people wonder if it’s native, whether it’s invasive, whether they should plant it, or what might be a better choice. Some of those people who don’t think to ask about the effect of planting something like an invasive seen on the trail do actually care about effects and would plant something different if they knew. Maybe there’s something they’d rip up and replace if they knew what it was and what it did and how that effects the trail, the ecosystem or them.

Little things can add up and hopefully people will read a post or more. Maybe someone might end up valuing plants and ecosystems a little more, recognizing the importance of keeping systems that support life healthy. Small things add up.

So, I hope you’re enjoying the talk about plants and we’ll see you out there with the plants and others on the trail.

Tuesday Trippin’ May 24

Rain, kindergarten graduation, some other big milestones and preparing for three of the eight people in the house to move into a fixer have all been taking a lot of time lately. Riding was a challenge last week and may be next week as well. I’m thankful that my commitment to the project has made me work as hard at getting the rides in as I have. I fully recognize that having that commitment to my own health is valid and good, but I still have trouble taking the time just for myself alone. Having a commitment to something bigger than myself is what motivates me to work hard. I hope that the video will help other people in some meaningful way.

I’m still paying more attention to intensity intervals than I have in some time and I’m working on a post about that and glucose sensitivity and how those things appear to be effecting me.

I found a book on bicycle training in a thrift shop and considered it, but it was geared toward racing and required significant recording of details like heart rate. I decided not to buy it. I’m not racing and not really into detailed record keeping, particularly of my vital signs, not unless I need to in order to overcome an illness. I am aware in general that my resting heart rate is within parameters for my age and that it is moving closer to where it was when I was 20 years younger and, well, we won’r say how much lighter. :).

I’m open to professional guidance. I do take instruction, but I haven’t budgeted for it (and the budget is big enough already). For now I’m sticking to internet research on what occurs to me to look up. That may sound a little bit lackadaisical, but I’m not in competition, I’m just building enough endurance to be able to work up to project level output if I’m lucky enough to get this project funded. I also expect that if enough people find the project worthy of support, there will be people responding to my posts with ideas on things I should check out.

On thinking about training guidance as I wrote for this week, it also occurred to me to seek out some Facebook groups. I’m sure I’ll find some helpful new perspectives and advice there.

Until next time, have a glorious day and we’ll see you on the trail.

Tuesday Trippin’ May 17

The Training

Training has been average. The weather has been nice. I did some more reading on blood sugar and cycling (I’ll write a separate post). I Also read an article on cycling and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has a positive effect on blood sugar regulation. I tried it out.

I was previously focused on evening out my riding speed for the purposes of the video. While giving the high intensity part a go today I learned that I can peddle much faster than I am comfortable riding. I got a significant cramp in my right foot toes, but it went away pretty quickly after the ride. I think the technique will be valuable for training and will keep experimenting.


I added a reward based on HIIT and edited the reward post, again. Some of our rewards could be for any project. The last two rewards I added are better tied to the theme of the project. I feel really good about that. I was having difficulty choosing rewards in the beginning. I think these last two bring things together.

The Equipment

The wear parts are getting worn again and I’m really feeling how nice it would be to be doing half my miles in the seat of a recumbent.

The Trail

Privet (Ligustrum spp) is blooming and showy. We have 9 varieties introduced as ornamentals from around the world. It is pretty, very fragrant, awful and bountiful along trail edges where it takes the place of important native species and reduces the number of pollinators where it grows. People who don’t know about the harm it causes or that it is relevant to them are probably loving it right now. Even though I’d eradicate it if I could, I can enjoy its better qualities.

The Video

Today I finally got a useable turtle on the trail shot. When I first wanted one it was winter, and it’s only been warm enough for them to amble across the path recently. We did a sign language turtle shot too and I got a live snake video. We’ll put that on the Youtube Channel, but I think we’ll leave it out of the intro video. Slowly we’re turning, step by step, inch by inch. I think it is really going to happen…sometime this century.

We’re Doing a Safety Video

Normally, when I get up for the Sunday “twenty miles and home before anyone else gets up” ride, the crowd hazards are pretty light (now that the Pandemic overflow appears to be waning). Then, some rides I think if I only had cameras running already, I would have the entire safety video shot in one ride. Today was that day, the one with boat loads of opportunity for the video. If Russ had been with me, he’d have called out “DA alert” several times.

I said “Hello” or “Heads Up” intently to at least 3 adult riders coming at me in my lane without looking. The little kids who didn’t stay in their lane don’t count because It’s our job to look out for them. But, on that subject, there was the Mom who’s kids moved over right when she said, just like she said, but Mom didn’t have the dog on the leash under control, so I still had to stop and then Mom still fussed at her kids for “not getting over”.

Then, there was the guy who was playing music loud and weaving at first, but he got straighter as I approached. I called out “Passing on your Left” twice, really loud to be heard over his music. He straightened up in time for me to pass him and then turned left off the path right in front of me just and I pushed hard on my peddle for the pass then quickly followed with the brakes. I’d be surprised if he ever knew I was there.

And, there was the woman who was weaving and texting. She was all over the place and riding so slowly she was having trouble keeping the bike upright. I caught her on the fly and she was still on the phone, but had at least gotten off the bike. She gets kudos for that, but she was standing on a paved strip at a sharp “s” curve on a hill. It was right where people who get surprised by the curve turn out to avoid crashing into others. Some days…

So, the safety video will be our little thank you to everyone. Hopefully it will be fun and funny. All the people who support us will get a link with a short update when it’s done. Unless they opt out for some reason I can’t imagine, even the people who choose to support us with no reward will get this.

Tuesday Trippin’ May 10

Training wise, last week was significantly better than expected. Weather lined up for me to ride immediately before and after, and the break was only 3 days. In April the break was 4 days and we had 3 days of rain immediately before. We walked about 3 miles on a trail during the April trip, but I didn’t take hiking shoes. I ached from unusually low exercise when I got home.

I mentioned the need to shift over to walks for recovery exercise just before this trip. We ended up dong that. The Pensacola Bay Bridge is under re-construction, but the pedestrian-bicycle path on one side is complete. The bridge is 3 miles long. The first night we walked about a mile and a half. The second, we walked 5 miles.

Russ on the Pensacola Bay Bridge

5 or more miles is the length of walk I originally planned for recovery walks. That may be a touch on the long side, but I used to be able to do 5 miles pretty easy at any time without prep. Lately though, I’ve done more yard work, which technically qualifies as recovery activity I suppose. But, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve even walked around the neighborhood with my granddaughter on her scooter. I’ve been spending all my cardio time on the bike. The bike is awesome, but I need to make myself walk for the change in activity too.

I really wanted to walk the whole bridge in both directions, just because it seems complete, but when I looked back from the 2.5 mark at how far away the starting side shore seemed, I decided to turn back. I could have made the extra distance, but in the end, I was glad that I turned when I did and Russ was too. I expected soreness the next day, but there was none and my feet felt really good, like a bit of cross training was the thing I should be doing.

I’m not sure what I will settle on as the right distance for a recovery walk, but on the bridge with all the wind, it seemed more like a primary exercise day, which was fine for that week when I had less opportunity to ride. Some sources say 20-30 minutes is enough for recovery. But, more could be needed after a century ride than shorter forms of exercise. The key will be in how the rides are going. As long as my body feels better and my stamina is not reduced, it’s likely the right amount of recovery exercise.

If the recovery walk is shorter, it will fit better into a still photography day than I first anticipated. That may not reduce my project hours any, but it should improve the photography rewards. It is easier to carry a camera on a walk that only needs 20-30 minute intervals of elevated heart rate than one that needs 1.5 – 2 hours.

The Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trails are not alone. There are beautiful hiking trails on both ends of our project, including portions of trail that may be added to the Appalachian Trail. I’m excited about the potential.

I’m going to leave it here for this post. I’ll put some of my other thought in separate posts. Have a glorious day and we’ll see yo on the trail.