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Right now the blog is all about our quest to record a years worth of weekly century rides from Smyrna, Ga to Anniston, Al on the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails. We want to put a ride a week on Youtube so that anyone with a screen and a connection can use them for inspiration to keep up indoor cardio or rehab, to meditate, to be amused, to put themselves outdoors in their minds when they can’t be there in person for any personal use purpose they like. We want to share the video and the experience of making it.


My story is a walk about. Much of my youth was spent in south Alabama in what was then the second poorest county in the second poorest state in the country. My grandfather had both a wholesale grocery store and a farm. I loved to climb on feed sacks and go with him to the farm to “pet the cows” and wade in the creek. He taught me things like how to tell when the corn was ready to pick.

By contrast, I have spent the last 30 years in the largest metropolitan region in the southeast. I have enjoyed the access that living here brings, but the traffic really makes me wish that the region/country had chosen to pursue better public transportation options. I’d rather sit and read or even scroll than to drive and I really think that good public transportation options are necessary to a prosperous future.

There was a lot of wandering about in the middle. My hobbies include things like fine hand sewing, SCUBA, cycling, geocaching, hot-air ballooning and whatever else comes along. Travel is the love I’d pursue if I had more opportunity and all types of exploring is my nature. Curiosity keep me going.

My post secondary education spanned 10 separate institutions from Alabama to California and back east again to Indiana and Georgia. It also spans business, government, geography and even includes tropical biology study abroad in Costa Rica. My varied interests really met their comfort zone when I moved officially into geography because it can encompass so many different fields and how they fit together. I have always been interested in diverse subjects the connections between them.

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